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Looking for an Artist


I recently finished writing a book (copyrights and all) and I’m pretty serious about submitting it, however, it’s written in a “manga format”. I was thinking it’d be better if I had an Artist, that was serious about continuing in drawing, to illustrate it. 

-It’d be a pro bono job

-We’d have to keep in touch via skype 

-I’d have to see your drawing style beforehand

-My writing is in the shounen ai/yaoi genre, though I do occasionally dabble in shoujo, so you’d have to be comfortable with nsfw stuff.

-I really need to be able trust you, I don’t want to have someone take away all the hard work I did for a year to submit the final product without me being mentioned as the writer. This is probably my main fear. 

If you feel like you’d be willing to help me, or help find someone who’d be willing to help me bring my story from letters into real artwork. Please inbox me anytime!